Collaboration - Mango Tea, Iced or Hot

We've been working with The Biz Link Group on several application projects and look forward to sharing the results with you here in the next several weeks  For the moment, we present a refreshing alternative to sweetening tea, iced or hot, with fruit puree.  In this instance we used an herbal peach tea, sweetened with mango puree and flavored with fresh basil.

Summer in a glass.

Here are a few recipes from our archives: 

Iced Mango-Peach-Basil Tea

Preparation time:  10 minutes

Brewing time: 20 minutes

Yield:  about 20, 8-ounce servings


1 cup (300g) mango puree

4 peach tea sachets (1.4 ounce each)

8 small basil leaves, torn or chopped into small pieces

2 quarts (1800g) hot (210 degrees F) water

Basil sprigs

Cucumber spears

Stir together mango puree, tea sachets, basil, and hot water in a 1-gallon, heat proof container.  Let brew 20 minutes at room temperature.  Remove tea bags.  Stir in 2 quarts cold water.  Transfer to pitchers or bar pourers.  Refrigerate until ready to use.

To make one serving of iced mango-peach-basil tea:

Fill an iced tea glass (or tall, 8-ounce glass) with ice.  Shake or stir tea mixture and pour over ice.  Garnish with basil sprig and a cucumber spear.


Hot Mango-Peach-Basil Tea

Preparation time:  1 minute

Brewing time:  3 minutes

Yield:  1 serving

1 ounce Mango puree

1 peach tea sachet (1.4 ounce)

2 small basil leaves, torn

12 ounces (1 ½ cups) hot (210 degrees F) water

Add mango puree, tea sachet, basil leaves and hot water to a small tea pot, or a large heat-proof mug.  Stir.  Let brew three minutes.  Serve.