Tired of being promised the steak
and only getting the sizzle?

We get it... and we offer a better alternative.

Recipe and New Food Product Development 
That Delivers on Its Promises

As food product developers and marketers for Fortune 500 corporations, we've sat on your side of the conference table, and we’ve heard dozens of “me-too pitches” from outside food development companies. The typical pitch includes “game-changing” food concepts and recipes, which end up as unexecutable products propped up by thin research and wishful thinking.

At New Food Studio, our goal is to provide B2C and B2B clients with proven, focused food recipe development, food product development, food marketing, and food business strategies – all designed to optimize the entire arc of customer engagement and tell a consistent story at every touchpoint.

We also prefer to make data-driven decisions because we know there's an enormous change occurring in the U.S. food industry, which is driven by two primary trends:

  • 57 million Baby Boomers are enjoying unprecedented wealth and good health, so they behave self-indulgently as they enter their retirement years, and

  • 80 million Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2004, are focused on navigating change, developing relevant communities (typically online), and struggling to do more with less because of an uncertain world market and changing global environment. 

The disparity in behavior of these two groups represents just a fraction of the consumer challenges we're witnessing today, with scores of subsidiary trends driven by age, geographic region and industries served.  The end results are ever-shorter food product life cycles and an unavoidable need to accept that channel optimization is no longer an assured driver of success.  

New Food Studio can help you overcome these obstacles, eliminating slick pitches and promises, and working with you intensively to understand your challenges, address market potential and develop targeted products designed to meet and, hopefully, exceed your customer's expectations.


Recipe Development and New Food Product Development


NFS provides B2C and B2B food producers and providers, research-driven solutions that can be scaled up and implemented into operations within a reasonable time frame or downloaded to a website for immediate use. Our team has over 70 years of experience in food manufacturing, food marketing, food retail operations, food service, fine dining, and ingredient sourcing.

In all our food and food service consulting, we strive to be:

  • Cost-effective

  • Process-driven

  • Reality-based

  • Creators of products and programs with ease of implementation
    and low training needs

  • Proactive

Recipe Development, Testing & Scale-Up

Whether it's line extensions, line improvements or category revitalization we can help you bring "new product news" to your customers through research-based recipe development. We look at your key target demographics, supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, salesforce skill set, and try to find data-driven recipe solutions that create excitement for your customers, but can be integrated into your systems as seamlessly as possible. We also work with your QA, R&D, and manufacturing teams to make sure scale-up and rollout go smoothly and meet projected costing goals and timelines.

Strategy Planning and Marketing Services

We are trained in strategic development and can work with you and your internal teams to refine departmental, segment or client-specific strategies.  We can help you identify product opportunities, untapped markets or new ways to bundle and present your existing portfolios. Additionally, we are also well-versed in classic food and food service marketing development helping you identify your targets, create a plan to reach the intended audience, and develop and execute program and collateral pieces.

Sales Support and Sales Training

Since we're chefs and marketers, we help bring your products to life and guide your team in creating a sales story and solution suited to your client base. Through training programs, customized support materials, product demonstrations and ride-withs, we can help your sales team put their best foot forward and focus on selling while we focus on making you and your products look good.

Food Styling

We have over twenty years of print media food styling experience in multiple applications from newspaper, to digital imaging.  Our work has crossed applications from branded, syndicated magazine and newspapers to consumer websites, and commercial food service and packaging applications. We work with an award winning photography team, and many examples of our work are featured on this site.


Our founder is among the nation's most well-respected and experienced professionals:

Mark Graham // Managing Partner

Mark attended Columbia University in the City of New York, and is a graduate and former Fellow of the Culinary Institute of America. His career highlights include: Chef/Owner the Winking Sow, Managing Partner, Bois d’arc; Executive Chef for television and radio station NBC Chicago; Executive Chef at the Walnut Room in Marshall Field’s State Street, Chicago; Test Kitchen Chef, Good Eating section of the Chicago Tribune; Chef Instructor at Sur la Table, the Chopping Block, and Saucee & Savoree; Senior Corporate Chef at National Starch Food Innovation; Product Development Manager at Starbucks Coffee Company; featured speaker at the January 2009 conference, World of Healthy Flavors, at the Greystone campus of the Culinary Institute of America, in Napa, CA; Corporate Executive Chef at Basic American Foods; Executive Chef at New Seasons Market, and featured speaker at the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) convention, featured speaker at Deli 1on1 Conference 2016. 

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